Women’s rights are Human rights

Over the last 20 years, Afghanistan experienced advances for human rights. Women and girls had been given hope, vision, opportunity for a life outside of the shadows they’ve walked within – a life with education, vocation and purpose.

The Taliban are back in control in Afghanistan and this progress is now at risk. We fear that the flame of an entire generation, especially of women and girls, is being stomped out.

If the Taliban have guns, we have our voices.

We ask the whole of the international community–every citizen, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity or religion–to support and uphold the universal rights of women and girls in Afghanistan. Our voices united as a global community must support our fellow citizens in their time of need and ensure their right to self-determination as well as their right to contribute to their community’s prosperity and to our future as a whole.

No country is able to govern without half of its population. The same in Afghanistan. Women and girls represent more than 50% of citizens, an ocean of untapped talent. We ask the EU and international community to ensure that the basic human rights of women and girls in Afghanistan are protected:

1) Education at any age and through any level they desire
• Women who are educated bring additional income to their family and directly contribute to the prosperity of the nation.
• Education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality and… promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations (article 26).

2) Work with free choice of employment
• Ensuring for herself and her family an existence worthy of human dignity (article 23).

3) Healthcare to be freely chosen by the individual requesting services
• The right to healthcare is a fundamental human right and to self determination (article 25).

4) Choose to Marry
• Marriage shall be entered into only with the free and full consent of the intending spouses (article 16).

As a nation, the Taliban must choose whether to go back into the dark ages and betray once and for all the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, or to seize the opportunity to shape history by giving women and girls their rightful place in our society and economy.